Research and Executive Vice President



Dr.Ali Beheshti-Alagha

  Academic Ranking: Associate professor

Department: Soil Science and Engineering

Address: Kermanshah - Imam Khomeini Highway - Agricultural and Natural Resources Campus- Campus's Dean Office

  Email :

  Contact Number : +988338324820

Duties of the Research and Administrative Deputy Dean

 1-      Following up the academic regulations and other duties of the university president  in the faculty, such as: overseeing the implementation of research groups of the departments and their efforts to resolve their problems; encouraging faculty members to author, translate and write books; and scientific and specialized papers for attracting approved research budget, establishing coordination and communication with related industries and services to attract their research projects and providing the basis for the accomplishment of research contracts and creating the necessary facilities in this field (providing the necessary conditions for communication between groups, training with various provincial organizations), monitoring the appropriate implementation of contracts and projects  of the Faculty of Science, supervising the implementation of scientific seminars and congresses of the faculty, supervising the appropriate conduct of offices of the library of the faculty, and striving to improve the quantity and quality of available scientific resources, overseeing the activities of the Internet  and IT Centre of the Faculty, reviewing the case study, monitoring updating the portal for faculty members, and staff

2- Reviewing the faculty members' status, and upgrading and changing their status
3. Pursuing administrative and financial regulations of the faculty and other administrative and financial guidelines, examination and estimation of the required budget of the Faculty in cooperation with the relevant directors of the Faculty  in accordance with the directions of the Office of Program and Budget of the University and monitoring the proper implementation of the budget, supervising the faculty budget and how it is spent according to the regulations and controlling collection and payment of the exclusiv
e income of the faculty in accordance with the regulations, reviewing and estimating all the resources needed by the faculty, including the needs of the staff, equipment, supervision and evaluation of the performance of the non-faculty members of the faculty, addressing welfare issues and staff problems

, nutrition, transport affairs and the implementation of extracurricular activities in the faculty.

4- Preparation and adjustment of the annual report of the research and support office of the faculty and presenting it to the head of the campus of agriculture and natural resources.
5. Co-ordination of the university student affairs in order to plan for the relevant issues, including: counseling, physical education, nutrition, transport and implementing extracurricular activities at the faculty.
6. Conducting and supervising the cultural activities of students in cooperation with the Deputy of Cultural Affairs of the University.
7. Other tasks assigned by the president of the Agricultural and Natural Resources Campus