Postgraduate and Postgraduate Campus

Dr Saeed Abasi

Science ranking: Associate professor

Department: Plant Medicine Engineering

Address: Kermanshah - Imam Khomeini Highway - Agricultural and Natural Resources Campus- Campus's Dean Office

  Email : 

  Contact Number : +988338324820

Describe the responsibilities of the deputy


 1. .Supervising the implementation of educational rules and regulations approved by all levels

2. Planning and setting policies and procedures necessary for the implementation of the University Council's regulations.
3. Monitoring the internal evaluation of the training groups.
4. Supervising the provision of freelance and service learning courses
5. Establishing and coordinating with the relevant directors of the university's deputy zone in order to implement the regulations and approved educational guidelines.
6. Regular meetings of education and postgraduate offices and attending educational meetings.
7. Examining the need to launch new majors and minors in the campus of agricultural and natural resources.
8. Other duties assigned by the president of the campus of agriculture and natural resources.