Introduction to the library

The date of the establishment of the Martyr Mofattah Library was the Agricultural and Natural Resources Campus in the second half of 1992 and the library collection includes purchased books and a number of donated books from Qasr-e-Shirin college.


:Staff introduction

:working hours

Library rules and regulations
 Membership and Lending terms
Students entering the year of 95, all of whom are members of the library, and years ago, by providing a series of student information, become members of the library, and they can all use library resources according to the rules, and no way to register.


:Number and time of the lending for members

 Settlement terms
A student who wants to make a settlement must go to the lending department and deliver the books of bills, and the system will be settled in the user's area of ​​settlement in the system, and he will complete the final settlement stage by visiting the central library.
 Each type of guide (search guide, membership, etc.), or the school's regulations that are currently in the library, must be specified in the section or the file should be submitted.
Regarding the delay in returning books, no funds have been received yet and will not be received at this time.
Other Items (Any kind of information that you need to use for library staff at the college can be prepared and submitted).


The purpose and tasks of the library
Providing services to students from different groups and professors and staff in specialized and partly public areas - Help and help clients to find resources.
25,367 Persian and 4081 books in Latin
 rest of Information
At the end of the library department, the library is intended for the study and use of Ph.D. Students who have 7 systems that are active until 17:00 and the clients of this section can use the facilities. In the college, a small room is planned for the study of sisters within the auditorium, and there are no undergraduate and senior brothers to study.
Introduction to Sections:
Supervisor of the library
Dr. Parviz Bashiri
Loan section
 This section includes 25770 volumes of Persian books and 4081 volumes of Latin books, and this section serves as a system and is outdated from the old state and books are also bar coded and entered into the system by barcode reader.
 Reference section
   This section contains 1116 volumes of books that are kept in the same part of the loan separately and are not lent, and only for referral and use on the site.
Documents and theses
  This section contains 791 volumes of Farsi theses and 45 theses of the Latin thesis, which in the same section of the documents and theses are kept separately and are not lent, and only for use by students and clients in the field.
Publications section
  This section includes 94 volumes of internal and external publications, which are kept separately in the same section of the documents and theses.
Cataloging section
  At the beginning of the local lending department, the cataloging department has been separated from the lending department with a partition and includes (a special sheet for leaf rolls) a number of shelves, a printer device (for printing, streaks and turning up books), and special resource catalogs Writing (Congressional Classes) Cataloging all library resources in this section.
 Other sections (including donations and endowments)
We had a series of donated books from different people who donated to the library of Sanghar College and we are currently considering another number for this college to be sent.

Communication with the library

Address: Imam Khomeini Highway - College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Phone: 38331933 - Fax: 38331933