Introducing educational and research farm



Farm and Research Campus of Agriculture and Natural Resources


 The farm now has an area of ​​about 300 hectares, of which about 200 hectares are blue and the rest is part of the land of rain. Currently, about 72 hectares of irrigated lands are under pressure, which amounts to another 30 hectares To run the pressure system on the agenda, it will be done soon. The amount of 20 hectares of aquatic and dry lands as research sites is devoted to the implementation of the dissertation design of graduate and postgraduate students.


The main mission of the farm in the first stage is to provide the necessary facilities for the participation of students in different stages in order to train an efficient expert with practical training of different methods of planting, harvesting various products, interaction and cooperation with relevant organizations in order to implement the pattern plans of the province and Participation in the presentation of the latest scientific methods and increase the

productivity of agricultural production. The training farm has various units as follows.



Farm Manager: Hamid Reza Chaghazardi
Degree: Ph.D.
Field of study: Ecology of crops

Deputy: Houshang Moradi Bilehouy
Degree: Bachelor
Field of study: Plant Production
Responsible for horticultural unit: Amir-arsalan Ahmadi
Degree: Master of Science (MSc) and Ph.D. student in Physiology and Fruit Improvement
Field of study: Horticulture
Responsible for breeding livestock and poultry: Dr. Shahab Payandeh
Degree: Ph.D.
Field of study: Feeding livestock
Former Heads
      * Dr. Mohammad Baheri
      * Dr. Bagher Mullanapour
      * Dr. Hassan Ali Vahedi
      * Dr. Mahmoud Khorrami Wafa
      * Dr. Alireza Zebarjadi
Horticultural unit
This unit has started its activities in promoting gardening education and research since 2011, and now there are 125750 square meters of productive garden, including:
 Garden Collection Five-year-old cultivars with an area of ​​15,000 square meters including 10 species of temperate and cold-weathered trees with 60 fruit varieties, two rows of coniferous 4-year-old apple trees with a total area of ​​750 square meters, with a base of M9, with cultivars Galla Gala, Dalbar Stewal, Golden Delish and Redlings
 10000 square meters of rosemary grape garden, which was constructed in 1995-95, includes five Wide Scaffolding Systems, Y Low Width, Wide T, T Low Width and Simple Cordon with Six Grape Cultivars including Thompson Seidles, Parletho, White Bidaneh, Red Bidane, Flame Seedles and Ruby Sydels. New projects aimed at educating students, providing new patterns to gardeners and investment enthusiasts in the field of fruit cultivation, examines the compatibility of some of the top business figures that are welcomed by enthusiasts and throughout the year to learn how to build new gardens. Abundance.
. About 100,000 square meters of it is the old pistachio garden, which is about 43 years since its construction.


Livestock and poultry breeding units
   Livestock and Poultry Farm The farm and natural resources campus was established after the establishment of the Animal Science Department with the construction of dairy cattle breeding units and sheep breeding, and then the laying hens and broiler units were formed. Currently, this unit is a subset of the Farm and Research Campus of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Initially, the purpose of forming these breeding units on the campus of agriculture and natural resources was the practical training of students in various fields of animal sciences. So that after graduation, students learn the basics and theoretical lessons in practical fields as well. After a number of graduate and postgraduate courses in the Animal Science Department were created, this collection plays an important role in students' research and research, so that most of the student dissertation project is currently in place Masters and Ph.D. are supervised by the professors of the Department of Animal Sciences at these units.
A. Dairy cattle breeding unit
   Currently, a dairy cattle breeding unit with a capacity of 30 heads of cattle ducks is operating on an area of ​​approximately 2000 square meters. The unit currently has 10 heads of cattle, 15 heads of heifers and dry pregnant cows, and 20 young calves and young calves. With the plans for improving the nutrition of this unit, it has been tried to increase the production of this dairy to an optimal level, which is now approximately 220-200 kg of milk per day (the average daily production of 20 to 21 kilograms per head). Of course, another part of the proceeds from the activity of this unit are male and female calves that are being raised as future milk cattle and fattening calves in the same unit. The Milk Unit also has 6 contractual, corporate and day care workers serving as shift workers.


B. Sheep breeding unit
    The unit now employs about 100 heads in an area of approximately 1800 square meters. Which has a number of ewes and lambs, goats and kids, and some rams and lambs. The most important role of this unit in addition to the educational role of students and manufacturing, is to carry out most studies of postgraduate students with the trend of livestock feeding and livestock physiology, so this unit plays an important role in conducting more research projects published in domestic and foreign scientific journals. . The staff of this unit consists of two corporate forces that are serving as shift workers.

 C) Chicken Breeding Unit

    This unit has been constructed with an approximate capacity of 1800 laying hens in an area of approximately 250 square meters. Currently, 1,500 young laying hens are being raised in this unit for the purpose of conducting research projects for postgraduate postgraduate students. This unit is operated by a single corporate staff.


D-Broiler chicken unit
   The broiler chicken unit of the agricultural campus has a capacity of 5000 pieces of broiler chickens, which has been built on an area of ​​approximately 700 square meters. The main objective of the unit is to produce healthy and antibiotic-free chicken meat, conduct research projects for postgraduate students in poultry nutrition, as well as practical training for undergraduate students. This unit, like the Sheep Breeding Department, plays a major role in carrying out more research projects published in domestic and foreign scientific journals.
E) Animal feed unit
   This unit has a mill and mixer machine in its warehouse, the unit plays an important role in the production of livestock concentrates and broiler chickens and laying hens. Provision of regulated and safe diets in terms of high-nutritional and nutritional compounds has a very important role in improving production in livestock farms, so that at present, livestock feeds can be provided with high confidence. Contract.