Head of Administrative and Public Affairs

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Secretariat and Archive


     Mrs Amene Mardapur

      Ms. Maryam Amiri

       Mr. Nemat Khodayari


Educational and Graduate college

     • Head of Education Department
          Mrs Bahari's  (College  Agriculture)
          MS  Afshari (Faculty of Science and Agricultural Engineering)

     • Experts of the Education Department 
          Mr. Ismail Faraji
          MS  Agababaei
         MS  Saadatnia

• Greenhouse responsible

         Dr. sohbat Bahrami Nezhad


• responsible for seed bank

        Dr. sohbat Bahrami Nezhad

• Be responsible for any barman

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Head of the Office of the Presidency

        Mr. Fakhredin Cheraghi



Head of Accounting

Head of Accounting

Mr. Sohrab Manochehri

Mrs. Hendesi


Research Manager

Mrs.Mitra Esmaeili

Store Responsible

Mr.MohammadReza Azizian

Research and Exercise

  • Manager of Library
  • Mr.Farokh Namaki

• Network and IT units


         Engineer Masoud Khodayari

         Engineer Meysam Soltani 

Self service

Self service